Oh waddup?

I'm Greg, and problem solving is what gets me out of bed every morning. Well that and breakfast. Specifically 2 scrambled eggs and some bacon.

I've read a lot of About pages that say "I believe in X." and "Design should be Y." Those are all bueno, but this should read as if you're talking to me since I (Greg) am writing this right now. It's a bit long of a read to convert you on saying "Yes, let's hire Greg for project Z!" It's long by design since it's an About page not an Overview page.

What I do honestly believe in is that design should be efficient. Spinning gears costs cash. On the daily, I'm fueled by 1 idea - "Don't be a blocker." Until I get my work done, the machine can't run. Someone is waiting on me to finish. Do it quickly, thoroughly and correctly. Quickly by utilizing design patterns and understating best practices. Thoroughly by consistently trying to break the UX and develop unseen edges cases. Correctly by meeting all requirements and hitting business goals via testing. Testing is my best friend. My intuition has ideas but data from testing fine tunes those gut feelings.

When I was 23, I joined an agency startup under the name of Envoy in Irvine, CA as their 5th employee. I was super green. The high 5 was I put the time in and they'll teach me how to present, layout, talk to my work and do the dance with a client. After 2.5 years, the shop was 80 men and women strong. I was able to lead projects with brands such as VIZIO, Amazon & The Weinstein Company.

My eager self wanted to do something new.

I joined Acorns to learn product & get their brand / site ready for launch. We were just 22 people working out of what felt like an old Doctor's office. That was in July 2014. Today, they are killing it. I was able to get my hands on everything from iOS to email drip campaigns. They are currently building products to help over 1M people save and invest everyday. Oh and the whole discussion that designers should have a seat at the table is real there. Just gotta ask for a chair.

So yeah, problem solving is my mindset. If you want to learn more about me, see my 280 character thoughts on Twitter or feel free to email me directly! I'm always down to meet someone new.

Keep on cruising amigos!

Also, yes, I am currently accepting freelance work. Whatcha got?


Edit: Currently designing for finance somewhere in NYC.